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Khamis, 22 September 2011


A girl waves national flags as she participates in a parade during the double celebrations of Malaysia Day and Independence Day in Kuala Lumpur Sept. 16. Malaysia celebrated the 48th anniversary of the union of Malaysia as well as the 54 years of the country's independence.

All it takes are two groups of people, one to gather and one to march past them. Parades took place across the globe these past two months for a variety of celebrations, from shows of military power, to tributes to organized labor, to pride for one’s country or culture.

A Malaysian woman performs during the Malaysia Day and Independence Day parade in Kuala Lumpur on Sept. 16. Malaysia is celebrating its 54th independence day with the theme "1 Malaysia transformation, success, people peace".

Malaysians stand in line during a parade rehearsal for the Malaysia Day celebrations at Independence Square in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Sept. 14. The country celebrates the holiday on Sept. 16, to commemorate the formation of the Malaysia federation which was announced on the same date in 1963.

Performers dance in the street parade at the annual Notting Hill Carnival in central London Aug. 29.. Revelers flocked to west London for one of Europe's biggest street parties, with record numbers of police on duty to prevent a repetition of riots that shook the British capital three weeks ago. Notting Hill Carnival, an annual celebration of Caribbean culture that usually draws about 1 million people for a colorful procession of musicians and performers.

Manash Sharma (left) waves to performers during the 31st India Day Parade on Aug. 21 in New York.

Dancers perform the Abbots Bromley Horn Dance on Sept. 12 in Abbots Bromley, United Kingdom. The dance comprising of six Deer-men, a Fool, Hobby Horse, Bowman and Maid Marian start in the early morning at the village church. A melodian player accompanies the dancers as they parade around the parish holding Reindeer antlers above their heads. The traditional Wakes Monday dance is believed to be the oldest folk dance in Britain and some of the antlers have been carbon dated to be over 1000 years old.

Soldiers march in the military parade during the Independence Day celebrations in Mexico City Sept. 16. Mexico celebrated the 201st anniversary of its 1810 independence uprising.

Military cadets parade commemorating the 190th anniversary of Independence on Sept. 15 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

A solider stands at attention as Evzones presidential guards parade outside the Greek parliament in central Athens, Greece, on Sept. 13

Volunteers and attendees parade around the field in front of nearly 3000 flags during a Sept. 11th commemoration ceremony at Huntington Park in Columbus, Ohio. The flags represent the people who died at the World Trade Center.

Indonesian Muslim children carry torches during a parade celebrating Eid al Fitr holiday that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan in Jakarta, Indonesia Aug. 30.

Libyan National Transitional Council fighters parade in Tripoli on Sept. 9 as diplomats said that the UN Security Council could pass a resolution next week easing an asset freeze and arms embargo against Libya to help launch a UN mission in the country.

Namibia fans parade their colors prior to kickoff during the 2011 Rugby World Cup Pool D match between Fiji and Namibia at the Rotorua International Stadium on Sept.10 in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Vessels sail during a great parade of the Culture Tall Ships Regatta on the Bay of Gdansk near the eastern Polish Baltic Sea city of Gdynia Sept. 5. The Culture 2011 Tall Ships Regatta featured two races from Klaipeda to Turku to Gdynia as part of the Tall Ships festival season, during which participating cities showcased their cultural activities, according to organizers.

The North Korean military parades to celebrate the 63rd founding anniversary of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in Pyongyang on Sept. 9. North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il and his son reviewed the parade of military hardware and thousands of goose-stepping troops, in what analysts saw as a bid to bolster loyalty to the regime.

The Group Aero Squadron (Esquadrilha da fumaca) flies in formation during a civic-military parade in commemoration of 189 years of Brazilian independence, in Brasilia Sept. 7.

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff waves from a vehicle during a civic-military parade commemorating 189 years of Brazilian independence in Brasilia Sept.7.

Union members, along with their relatives, walk in the annual Labor Day parade in Detroit, MI Sept. 5.

A marcher fakes death from a mock battle on Peachtree Street between medieval characters during the Dragoncon parade on Sept. 3 in Atlanta. Dragoncon is a multimedia convention held annually over Labor Day weekend that draws tens of thousands of comic book, fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music film and science-fiction fans.

Turkish veterans carry Turkish flags during a parade marking the 89th anniversary of Victory Day in Ankara Aug. 30

Boston Bruins Brad Marchand lifts the Stanley Cup for the crowd at the conclusion of a parade on Aug. 29 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

A girl sits in a decorated vehicle during a parade ahead of the country's 190th anniversary of independence at the Joaquin Robles elementary school in Los Encuentros, Solola, 130 km (112 miles) from Guatemala City Sept. 14. The country celebrates its independence on September 15.

Star Wars Storm Troopers match in the Dragoncon parade on Sept. 3 in Atlanta. Dragoncon is a multimedia convention held annually over Labor Day weekend that draws tens of thousands of comic book, fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music film and science-fiction fans.

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